Made for musicians


Hi. I’m Cory. I started this site because, like you, I’m a musician. After moving to Brooklyn, I wanted to start a band but had a hard time meeting other musicians. I asked friends, posted on Facebook, and searched through Craigslist — none of which produced great results. There had to be a better, friendlier way!

We really care about quality and hope your experience on Hendrix will reflect that. Quality site + quality musicians = quality connections. Its a simple formula, really, but we felt none of the existing musician services hit the mark.

We’re proud of the musicians we’ve attracted so far. The people are real and they tend to be extremely talented. Many of our musicians have told us they’ve made meaningful connections here.

Ultimately, the website is only a small part of our vision. We want to be an advocate for you and your success as an independent artist.

If you have feedback or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Enjoy your time here!

Cory Etzkorn