Updates from musicians near you.

Quentin 6 hours

Looking for musicians to collab with. I'm primarily a vocalist/songwriter but I can play guitar, keys, and produce as well. I'm into all styles of music so just message me and we can see what works

Lewis 5 days

Looking for musicians to form band, particularly vocalists and percussionists. Check out the songs and drop me a line if it resonates.

AllMadHere 1 month

Looking for musicians in my area (Far Rockaway, Queens) to start a pop-punk/alternative band (Paramore, The Story So Far, Taking Back Sunday, Tonight Alive, The Wonder Years, State Champs, etc).

Amazee Calling
Amazee Calling 2 months

Hey. We helping artist digitally market their music for only $85 per month
email: for collaboration

Léna Kipe
Léna Kipe 2 months

Los Angeles! R&B/soul/funk vocalist seeking keyboard player to jam, record videos (e.g. for YouTube), collab and more.

SixstringLatino 3 months

Loooking for musicians for a afternoon free jam on Friday in Brooklyn and free jam in Manhattan at3.

Taziri Band
Taziri Band 3 months

A musical group looking for new musicians from around the world

GCS1 3 months

Very seasoned pro drummer in NJ looking for gigging band

SixstringLatino 3 months

I am guitarist that have free jams in Brooklyn afternoons. This is not a band or gig.Just for fun. I have bass player that come regularly. I am into original instrumentals and improv. My bass player

Lux Rota
Lux Rota 3 months

Hi all! Looking for a bassist to join our NYC based cover band for immediate gigs. Looking to collab on originals in the future. Message me if your interested :)

Lewis 3 months

Guitarist/bassist/(new-ish) producer looking for meaningful projects with people that want to perform.

Daria 3 months

I'm looking for a guitarist to play live shows with me. Please check if you like my music and hope to hear from you soon.

HoHW 3 months

Hell or High Water Band - now on Hendrix

Livie Patterson
Livie Patterson 4 months

it's this rlly cool collective of musicians and we just share recordings whenever but lately it's been kinda inactive & i thought it would be cool to kinda bridge the two communities

Livie Patterson
Livie Patterson 4 months

my discord is livie#2935 and i'm in a server called iio ( short 4 indeterminate internet orchestra) here's the link:

Livie Patterson
Livie Patterson 4 months

Hey, I'm new here. Looking for people ages 17-22 to jam with. If you live in/around WA that's great, but if not we can just exchange recordings online. I have IG, Discord, etc.

Craig Kuzma
Craig Kuzma 4 months

Singer songwriter in Seattle, Wa. Looking for a couple friends to join on drums and bass, possibly a synth/keyboard.

Let's play out and make our place in the Seattle scene.

Dawn Avalon
Dawn Avalon 4 months

Was recommended to join this great site. Besides seeking a FEMALE NYC bassist for gigs, I represent the longest-running & ONLY authentic Hendrix performer. .

Theo 5 months

I am a new artist looking to break into the music scene.
I write and compose my music which is primarily in the rock/pop genre.I am looking for a guitarist for my live performances.

Horror Movie Marathon

Looking for a competent pianist/keyboard player! Indie band, paid gig, fun times, and new friends! Must be in Brooklyn

Al Rafi
Al Rafi 5 months

Keyboard/piano player looking to join or form band in the NYC area. I play soul, pop, R&B, hip hop covers 70s 80s 90s .hit my email:

Jared 5 months

just uploaded a couple more of some projects. listen and if you like hit me.

XÉDIN 5 months

Looking for a keyboardist for upcoming showcase in May, for an EP release. Genre is Electronic Pop-R&B. Based in NYC- hit me up if you know anyone!

SixstringLatino 6 months

Looking for keyboard player and drummer for friday afternoon jam.
It’s free and have a room is fully equipped. I am a guitarist and have regular bass player that comes down. We do improv and covers.

Bendermind27 6 months

I just joined!! Seems like a pretty cool site. I’m looking for a bassist and drummer, from what it looks like, everyone else on here haha! I’m a singer/ songwriter

EddieWz 7 months


Shaken Child
Shaken Child 7 months

ShakenChild is welcoming our Guitarist who can shred and yet honor the melody; write as well. Presently Raphael Gordan producer of The Strokes has decided to work with us. Home Studio. $100 per gig.

Brody 7 months

Looking for producer and collaboration with professionals. I'm a singer/ songwriter/ guitarist. I have a home studio, great for incubation, not great for final cuts and networking ideas.

Guilty Ghosts
Guilty Ghosts 7 months

I'm a former drummer, now ambient guitarist, looking to connect w/intermediate players & future friends. I love delay, effects and finding balance between noise and minimalism. Get in touch!

She’Ra 7 months

Hi! I'm a singer-songwriter and I am looking for a producer. I can work in any style/genre.