Updates from musicians near you.

FeArDaNa 6 days

Seeking a female vocalist for an alt band

Diego Rico
Diego Rico 7 days

Diego Rico here I play guitar and sing, musician, songwriter/composer looking for people to make a band or join in one, check out my profile so you can know what genre is my music. SanDiego, CA

Cullen Berte
Cullen Berte 14 days

Drummer in waukesha Wisconsin looking for a band to play music like zeppelin, doesn’t need to be real songs but I wanna groove

Cianna 23 days

I´m Cienna a 16 year old Bassist girl withdesire to play rock/punk/metal and looking to join or create a band, i live in RPV Los Angeles California but i can go to central LA.

Cynthia Garris Ministries

Christian worship team needs backup singers, keyboardist, drummers, and lead guitar. We're in the Capital Region of NYS. Our first service is coming up in May.

dopezzera 1 month

I am looking for locals in the Colorado Springs/Denver area to get together to form a band. Need a guitarist, bassist, and singer. ig @dopeZera

Emma Renee
Emma Renee 1 month

Looking for teens in the high school range to jam within the Chattanooga, Tennessee range. IG @emma_renee2007 and @emmarenee_music

skuzzy 2 months

Metal guitarist looking to join a band. I am located in Santa Barbara, and frequently come to LA and San Diego. I have no music ATM, however I can showcase my skills as necessary. IG @(skylerniefert)

Terry Worth
Terry Worth 2 months

Northeastern Wisconsin Musician looking for a fellow singer-instrumentalist to perform soft rock music with me at restaurants, nightclubs, and wineries.

Terry Worth
Terry Worth 2 months

Check out my new cover All Along The WatchTower

Summit 2 months

Sup, we are Summit. A classic rock/prog rock (Rush, Van Halen, etc) group with only two members. We are lookin for a drummer or a singer. If you are based in Anaheim, DM us! (summitbandcalifornia@)

Rock Radio
Rock Radio 2 months

Looking for bands to showcase weekly on a podcast, 200+ listens a week. Message me if you're interested.

RTE 2 months

Seeking hip and passionate Musicians (specifically horn players) and versatile Vocalists for featured and backup singing for ongoing tour, casino, and corporate events for new 80's BIG BAND project.

domsev 2 months

Guitarist looking to join/start a band in South NJ/PHI area . Any form of metal or pop punk would be ideal

Aidanrixx 2 months

Guitarist/songwriter in the Hollywood area in la, looking for serious musicians and vocalist. Blues based hard rock sound

Old time and New Rock

My bassist and I lost our lead guitarist and drummer due to relocation. We are looking for another drummer. Maybe a guitarist ant or keyboard would be cool. We play fun sing along rock pub songs.

Nour 2 months

Guitarist looking for guitarist/bassist/drummer/vocals in Chicago. Band split up a few months ago and I just want to play with people again. I have a studio space up near Jefferson Park.

Cooper01 3 months

Looking to start a band around the columbus ohio region. I’m a 17 year old drummer just looking to collaborate with others around my age.

EL PHERI SÁNCHEZ Rock and Band ¡!!!

And I need a bass player, a piano man and a drummer to complete EL PHERI SÁNCHEZ Rock and Band - thanks.

EL PHERI SÁNCHEZ Rock and Band ¡!!!

EL PHERI SÁNCHEZ Rock and Band, stills dare to request American killer Musicians because they are simply the best around the world and for a possible tour in England, carefully. El Robert M. Sanchez.

JY 3 months

Hey! Looking for great piano player to work on original tunes + gig in NYC!

Mahavir Shah Photography

Hi my name is Mahavir and I'm a photographer that is looking to meet artists locally to help produce content and build up my portfolio in the music scene!

Isaak Boorstein
Isaak Boorstein 3 months

Singer, songwriter, guitarist, engineer, and producer looking for people in Portland, Oregon to make music or just jam with. Hit me up!

Ocean 3 months

Hi looking for a bass player a guitar player and drummer all of the age from 13-18 years old in the area of Hollywood fl

Chiderahn 3 months

Hi! I'm social media manager Currently looking for a bassist in the Philly area for my bosses blues/funk band. Anyone is welcome, please message me if you are interested.

hanisaround 4 months

hey everyone, looking to join (or start) a band. im a singer/songwriter who can play a little guitar. genre isnt a big deterrent for me from indie or rnb to rock im down with it all just let me know

Xerolee 4 months

Hi looking for a vocalist for a electronic duo. Similar to odesza and purity ring if interested message me.

Ugly Bones
Ugly Bones 4 months

Hey there!
I’m looking for a drummer, bass player and a singer for my band Ugly Bones (must live in the Nashville or Hendersonville area). We play alternative metal with a prog/thrash hybrid vibe

Fleetwood Floyd
Fleetwood Floyd 4 months

North Jersey based Fleetwood Floyd is seeking a rhythm and a lead guitarist. A male vocal in the range of Lindsey Buckingham would be helpful. We need someone who can play acoustic on some songs.

RECKON 4 months

We are RECKON, a punk rock band in search of a drummer. We are a very committed group of individuals who want to make this into a full time music career. If your a drummer based in Anaheim, dm us.