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ALL ACOUSTIC JAZZ BAND STARTING! 6 members wanted. Pro or Semi pro
First Listen To The Demo:
...That should let you know immediately if this project is for you!

This could be big and we partially would not be reinventing the wheel. I am thinking something along with lines of a Canadian Brass type gig, but for this type of swinging, powerful jazz!

For now I am going with ALL acoustical...TUBA instead of electric bass.
Jazz Drum Set as minimal as possible.

By keeping this group to 7, we:
Can play in MORE venues!
Set up quickly and tear down quickly
NO power required
Very portable
No speaker or audio system

Solo Trumpet/Band Leader: TAKEN
(this group will be dominated by the trumpet! if you don't like this, better pass on by )
Lead Trumpet: Great chops, intonation, endurance. being a great reader not required as this music will need to be memorized!
Jazz Trumpet: Prefer better than average chops hopefully up to High F or Double G, but will settle for a player that is an awesome jazzer with High D type range!
Jazz Trombone: Have it all: Great tone, jazz skills, range for some section lead bone type playing
Jazz Bari Sax: Have it all: Very Very good Jazz skills, cover some section parts, COVER some bass line parts for the group.
Tuba: GREAT ENDURANCE and a good sense of timing and ability to groove with the drummer. Backbone of the group along with the drummer. Some exposure and solo lines as well. Tuba will be our BASS PLAYER as in electric or upright string bass. That said, Bari can carry some of the weight, but this position will require a lot of constant playing about 85 to 90% of the time.
Jazz Drummer: Great Timing and ability to go with the flow, but also keep the beat from rushing or dragging. Minimal trap set: 1 ride cymbal, clap clap, snare, bass drum, one or two toms. Also be well versed with auxilary: bongos, congos, shakers, etc....

ALL POSITIONS REQUIRE PRO LEVEL OR SEMI PRO LEVEL! This is not a hobby band or rehearsal band. This band will eventually be a working band and hopefully in higher end venues...MUST know your craft!
That said, be a super reader or session type player not required. We will work and memorize our performance pieces...don't need to carry around stands or music! ...can play in pitch black dark if need be!

Rehearsals will be somewhere in the heart of texas! Between Dallas, Ft. Worth and Austin!
You can reply with:
... with a few videos of yourself from youtube.
If all you have are mp3, better fix that right now. We live in a video world. Record yourself on your phone with VIDEO...playing!

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