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I've been a professional vocalist playing in bands and doing commercial work for 35 years for the past 10 years I have been a recording artist in the genre of electronic lounge/chillout. Now, I am desiring to start a cutting edge soul music band, original, of course. My influences are: Robert Palmer, Sade, Stevie Wonder, Zero 7, what used to be known as acid-jazz and I love deep house music. The last band I was in (in Marin County, California) was an African band, we worked with storytellers and dancers from different parts of Africa. They still work on recording projects with me - soul. My voice is raspier than it used to be now - and I like it :)

Personality-wise, I'm super calm. I'm a meditator and practicing Buddhist - hence my name Soul Sista Shakti - shakti means wisdom in Buddhism and I am extremely focused. During the day I work for myself as a writer. I write about Buddhism, psychology science and sometimes dating.

While I don't want to go backward in time and do what has already been done I would love to blend the best of all this with a sound that takes you into you into the future. I am a well versed songwriter with over 30 published tracks under my belt. While I have signed with major publishers in the past, I intend on publishing independently - unless a something that happens that would warrant such deals - like big marketing, shows, and money.

Part of a previous bio from one my the former labels I worked with is as follows:

"After pursuing a degree in Music Technology, Brenda chose to further her education, landing a Music Business internship at Om Records in San Francisco. Brenda’s formal training combined with the early influences of her gospel and soul roots would set her en route to become an accomplished lyricist, gaining worldwide attention for her smooth and insightful craft.

“Provacante” Acid Jazz Magazine

I am from NYC and I reside in Manhattan.

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