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  • 5 years ago

Coming from a strictly vinyl sample based hip hop background, over the last year I've begun mixing in elements of electronic, jazz, cumbia, Colombian folklore music, funk, neo-soul, etc. and collaborating with various friends who are vocalists or play any variety of instrument.

I've also expanded into DJing, live production/jamming in Ableton, and programming and VJing generative visuals in Touchdesigner (think Android Jones, Jonathan Singer.)

Always looking for new folks to collaborate with, if you like what you hear and want to be a part of it hit me up and we can see if we vibe. My profession is unrelated to my music, so I'm not looking to make a profit or pay anyone for a collaboration, but I'm working on an album now and if you're on it and it makes money then you'll obviously get a cut.

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Redman- Can't Wait (IA Flip, Ft Arden Bring)
45 plays
Shaman's Delite, Ft Juanin Montoya (work in progress)
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