Updates from musicians near you.

Marcello Ferri
Marcello Ferri 9 months

Looking for people to play music together. Jazz, Fusion, Reggae, Afrobeat, Brazillian, Alternative, Experimental, Electronic. I play the guitar (and the computer).

Jon Ruth
Jon Ruth 9 months

I'm looking to work with a strong rock vocalist! Local or remote. My stuff:

Katherine Gehring

Looking for a band in need of a lead vocalist in the Boston Area! Contact info on profile if interested :)

Lucky T
Lucky T 9 months

Seeking a organ/synth/Keys player for touring around US, UK, EU, and Asia
Rock, soul, indi, folk

John S.
John S. 10 months

My name is John. I have awards from Songwriting competitions such as ISC (International Songwriting Competition), John Lennon Songwriting Competition. I am looking for musicians. (Guitar, bass, drums)

Serpent1068 10 months

Looking for a band that is in need of a singer near me.

Havoc Crenshaw
Havoc Crenshaw 10 months

James Hetfield looking for his Metallica! (Vocals and Rhythm Guitar for Metallica Cover Band)

panic system
panic system 10 months

looking for bassist and drummer ages 14-18

Marcello Ferri
Marcello Ferri 10 months

Looking for musicians to play samba and bossa nova, I play the guitar.
Percussions and voice would be perfect.

John S.
John S. 10 months

I am looking for a bassist, drummer, and guitarist. The goal is to participate in Songwriting Competitions and play as many live shows as possible. Ages 20-30. Indie Rock, Pop. Feel free to dm me.

Djwedon 10 months

am looking for an artist to promote here for free but you must meet with all my requirement , promotion only in UK countries , the artist country does not matter kindly in box me here

dansaner 11 months

We have a bass player and guitarist. Looking for a drummer and singer in Miami area. We play 70s-today.

dansaner 11 months

We have a bass player and guitarist. Looking for a drummer and singer. If singer can play guitar or keyboards even better but not necessary. We’ll play mostly 70s to today. Songs like I want you to wa

Brook 11 months

Looking to start an acoustic folk/country styled band. Or if you just play acoustic and want to sing/song write together. Looking for ages 22-26 and someone in the Bristol County, MA area!

Carly over 1 year

Seeking saxophone player for 02/26/2022 in South Florida! Preferably someone who can perform throughout the ceremony and with live DJ for reception!

SaraDalenMusic over 1 year

Looking for female DRUMMERS and BASS players to audition for my all girls rock band. The studio is in Raritan NJ

Vinnie Vidal
Vinnie Vidal over 1 year

Let’s work together to get your music to new audiences. Submit your song via this link at no cost when you use the voucher code: Nuru.

Royalplayrecords over 1 year

Going live today with Royal Play records at 7PM CT for song reviews to decide on the next-label artist. Got a great song? Submit here at VOUCHER CODE: NURU

Jazzcult over 1 year

BUSKDRIVER is mobilizing a new music movement. Hop on the bandwagon and shift the cultural paradigm into high gear!
Learn more at

DragRacer over 1 year

Hello! our debut album just dropped the other day on spotify,amazon music, itunes and more! give it a listen and spread the word !

Little News Ears
Little News Ears over 1 year

Hey everybody, we're weird ones here. We are looking for musicians who are interested in writing music and singing songs for kids. Specifically.. lyrics about current events. Pay based on subscribers

Marcello Ferri
Marcello Ferri over 1 year

Looking for people interested in playing Samba and Bossa Nova in Brooklyn NYC. I play the guitar.

I am guitar player/arranger/composer that is currently forming a new Jazz, Latin & Brazilian Jazz, F

I am guitar player/arranger/composer that is currently forming a new Jazz, Latin & Brazilian Jazz, Funk Arrangements Workshop. Please read:

5126794908 almost 2 years

I am looking to start a new band. In Round Rock/ Austin, TX. I need a bassist, guitarist, and drummer who can play Punk, Funk, and Metal.

Sporky666 almost 2 years

Looking to start a punk rock cover band!
Styles to cover: Misfits, American HiFI, NOFX, Andrew WK, Sum 41, The Offspring, Lustra, My Chemical Romance, Me First and the Gimme Gimmes

Daniel Foerster
Daniel Foerster almost 2 years

Hi everyone, I'm a rhythm guitarist seeking a drummer, bassist and singer to start a band

Steven Milani
Steven Milani almost 2 years

Hi everyone! Guitarist over here looking for a bassist. Mainly into alternative rock/math rock/postrock. Influences include RHCP, RATM, Incubus, TTNG, Tiny Moving Parts, and Coheed and Cambria

Katelyn almost 2 years

Looking for a band to join of any sorts! I can sing, play keys and a bit rhythm guitar. Any genre is cool.

Vanessa almost 2 years

Hello everyone, I'm looking for final members for our band. Girls required born from 2002-2007. Dm me if anyone interested, its a pop band with choreography.

Benjamin Liam Wise
Benjamin Liam Wise almost 2 years

I'm looking for a rhythm guitarist, a drummer, a keyboardist, and a lead vocalist somewhere around 18-19 years old near me. Any takers?