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Decillion Records

Check out a little sneak peek of whats on tha album......

Kevo 9 months

My tour dates have since past. looking to establish good ties with local musicians to jam, play have fun. Gigging can be an alternative if the mix is right

Zach Rescignano
Zach Rescignano 9 months

DRUMMER AVAILABLE for Live/Studio/Sub gigs

Owns a drumset
Genres include: Pop, Rock, Funk, Hip Hop, Blues, Punk, Metal, etc.
Experience in Manhattan and Brooklyn Circuit
Flexible rates

Nathan Zampetti
Nathan Zampetti 9 months

Hello. I play mostly blues and jazz, playing mostly guitar and writing. I'm looking for bassist and drummer to jam with.

Berik Kulm
Berik Kulm 10 months

Art-Music Show SILK ROAD in Brooklyn. Please join us!

Berik Kulm
Berik Kulm 10 months

West Side Music Show invite all, who is excited on live music. Live Music performed by ABU.

Berik Kulm
Berik Kulm 10 months

Dear Singers,
My name is Berik, producer at New York Music Tower Studio.
We are looking for vocalists in any music genre and organizing Open Mic gigs.
Please contact to me with your music demo.

JAOT 10 months

Hi All, any musicians around Ames, Iowa, who wanna do fusion?

GLDizzy 10 months

Looking for peeps to start a regular jam session with in Greenpoint/Williamsburg. Just moved to the area. I've played guitar and piano/keys for most of my life. Email --> G L D i z z y 7 8 [at] Gmail

Hendrix 10 months

Hey Everyone! Come hang out at the first Hendrix meetup! Thursday, March 1st at Dirty Precious in Gowanus, Brooklyn. RSVP here:

Berik Kulm
Berik Kulm 10 months

Producer/Songwriter looking for New York City singers, who is interested to participate in paid Open Mic gigs. Please drop me info by nyrealism at g mail dot com.

A Place to Go
A Place to Go 10 months

Hello! I'm a songwriter making folk-tinged bedroom music: slow and rough around the edges (Mount Eerie, Bedhead, early Modest Mouse). Looking to write and play with a band/flesh out songs w new people

Phoenixx 10 months

New Single coming out 2/20!
"Same Page" available on iTunes, Goggle Play etc.

AmbientDreamPop 11 months

I am a guitarist/songwriter seeking female vocals/songwriter to explore electronic and ambient type music - basically, from the ground up - collaborate and write songs together and play them out

WildsNYC 11 months

Hey we're a brooklyn ny punk/alternative/indie band & we need a new drummer. Please have band experience, can get to practice on time & be over 30. Check out for music. Thanks.

Marble House
Marble House 11 months

Hey! We are Marble House, and we are looking for a bassist to join us! Please take a look at our profile for some samples of our music and shoot us a message if you're interested!

Old Man's Money
Old Man's Money 11 months

We are looking for a drummer! Hit us up

Marcello Ferri
Marcello Ferri 12 months

Please enjoy listening and dancing to my song Half Volley Control. Happy New Year!


Looking for a Drummer....check out music at .....if interested contact us at:!

Hendrix 1 year

Just added songs to my profile!

Dadoo 1 year

Hey I just join Hendrix, i'm so happy

Iconicide 1 year

ICONICIDE, currently gigging with rotating part time lineup, need solid, versatile players on all instruments for recording, shows, possible tour. We also organize shows and show series around NYC.

Hit Man
Hit Man 1 year

Seeking a tribute band agency looking to add new acts. I currently perform oldies rock n roll (50's - 80's). If you are an agency and looking to diversify and grow your portfolio contact me..thx

K.M. 1 year

Singer, songwriter of Gospel music Looking for singers, keys, guitar, bass, drums, sax, trumpet to work on original Gospel music. Reach out if you have any questions at

AndyA over 1 year

Anyone looking for a seasoned drummer?

Amalia Tinsley
Amalia Tinsley over 1 year

Looking for a band to write or sing for any genre.

Jack Mevorach
Jack Mevorach over 1 year

I'd like to sing rock, alternative, whatever...

T. Mancuso
T. Mancuso over 1 year

Looking to play live and/or collaborate. -T.

Lewis over 1 year

Guitarist, percussionist and (amateur) singer/songwriter seeking musicians for projects to grow, develop, and perform with.