Updates from musicians near you.

ogkmusic07 4 months

looking for bassist, guitarist, drummer, and maybe harmonica player. preferrably rock and blues oriented but anything similar to that works. im in the new york area but i can jam virtually as well.

Sailor🦋 4 months

Hello hello I'm Sailor🦋 based out of Los Angeles. I'm looking for creative & passionate musicians to jam ideas with and share that great love for music. Hoping to form a band & take it on the road <3

RMORA88 4 months

Guitarist here looking to start Death Metal/ Grind Band ala The Black Dahlia Murder, Cattle Decapitation, Malevolent Creation, Cryptopsy, The Faceless, Animosity, Aborted, Etc...

Ihorko 4 months

Have a few demos of number one pretending electronic music, somewhere between pop and techno. Searching for a girl, who can sing well for collaboration.

dolonia 5 months

I'm an 18 y.o. singer/songwriter in Bloomington looking to find cool musicians to help make my music come to life. I'm more into indie/alt pop than anything.

JayJay88 5 months

Drummer in Minneapolis St. Paul looking for like minded musicians to jam with, anything but country.

RyanThom88 5 months

18 year old drummer in buffalo ny area looking for chill jam band or whatever, hmu if you're interested and we can talk more abt it 716-328-6321

Celina Rosa
Celina Rosa 5 months

I'm a 20 year old singer-songwriter, looking for people around my age to collaborate with. Would like to create my own original music and to start playing live gigs.

Formaldehyde 5 months

looking for rhythm guitarist/vocalist or and maybe any other instrument that'll make our music sound eerie (ages 13-16)

Jesse442 5 months

Looking for a bass player in the Minot ND area for a variety band. Anything from classic rock, 80's metal to current rock pop and some country

NovaMarie 5 months

I’m 15 and looking to jam with someone!! I like indie rock and shoegaze but am willing to play/learn other genres as well. Location is Jackson, TN. I play the electric guitar.


Hey I'm V! I'm a vocalist looking to start a band in my area. Check out my profile, I have my tik tok linked, not much there yet but I will start posting more regularly!

BenjiJack 5 months

Looking for instrumentalists to join digital band we're putting together. Grammy-nom Justin Bates (Fall Out Boy, Steve Aoki, etc) is producing. Will get free mixing and mastering. DM w/ # if interest

Michael0828 6 months

Last on the List is a metal band based in Newburgh, NY. Currently writing our second EP to be released in early 2023. Looking for a new vocalist. Please message us on IG @lastonthelistband.

Désirée 6 months

Désirée is a black R&B girl group looking for two members who are located in South or Central Florida. *MUST BE VERY COMMITTED FOR WE ARE SERIOUS ON STARTING OUR MUSICAL JOURNEY*

Ashxx 6 months

Hi! We're looking for a beginner bass player between ages 16-19 for a pop punk rock band. We're beginners, so we can learn and grow together with the goal of eventually touring :)

One's Own Haven

Hi, we are One's Own Haven! Looking for a bass player (San Diego area) interested in the Pop-Punk genre! Must be 18-21 and have 4-7 years of experience! Interested?? Shoot us a DM :)

Riley Morgan
Riley Morgan 6 months

Howdy! I'm Riley, I'm 18 and I'm looking to talk with other people about similar interests or even start making stuff together. Only vocals at the moment but learning other instruments aswell!

Lina 6 months

Anybody ages 18-20 that live in Vegas and are interestedin joining a band or need a drummer, DM me.

Jambox 6 months

I run a music rehearsal space in Charlotte, North Carolina. Hit me up if you need space! We're called Jambox.

707 E Hebron St, Charlotte, 28273.

Invidia 6 months

Looking to join a band in the westchester area, i am a guitarist that plays alot of metalcore

Dimes 6 months

Looking to make/join a slappin ignorant hardcore/punk/metal band around treasure coast area of FL

neverbeenaog 7 months

In Minnesota looking for a producer or someone with experience in recording music.

New Plague Radio
New Plague Radio 7 months

We're a Los Angeles based Hip Hop/Rock group that is looking for a drummer. We sound a bit like The Beastie Boys, Gorillaz, and Linkin Park. Hit us up

JacobWashlock 7 months

BAND MEMBERS WANTED!!! Looking for a lead guitarist and male vocalist. We currently have a rhythm guitarist/songwriter, bass player, and drummer.

OUCH 8 months

weirdo nu metal/hc/punk band in KCMO looking for members. willing to work remote currently gigging solo

Muggin Fury Style Like A Mothafuckin Criminal

Bassist looking to start a metal band. Looking for a drummer, a guitarist, and a singer. Pull up and lets see where this goes.

Kerl 8 months

Session singer available for paid work, rock, metal to pop. Check my vocals out here and let me know if I'd be a good fit for your project,

Jason Decker
Jason Decker 8 months

Just released my album "Fall Under The Sun" all original works produced by longtime member of Classic Rock band Renaissance. Looking for Piano and Cellist.

BLISS 9 months

Looking for musicians and singers in Brooklyn to play Punk Rock and Goth Music. Open to any skill level.