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perizo luka
perizo luka 4 days

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Kelly89 12 days

Anyone in North Carolina, or surrounding states looking to form a band or for a bassist/songwriter? I'm looking to be a bassist in an alternative/punk/pop band. I can also help with songwriting

415 stagg
415 stagg 22 days

Looking for a drummer and a bassist hit me up if you are near rialto california and want to join

Sophiamuccini 28 days

Hey, I am a singer (20) wanting to form or join a band. I study voice and music in college currently and just love to SING and love music so let me know text me at 7189093189 thx xoxo


TENNESSEE DRUMMER AVAILABLE call or text 615 670 0904 for more information

Sacred ceilume
Sacred ceilume 2 months

Living in sarnia Ontario of Canada I know it's not America but I had to choose a zip code need emo artists for some heavy emo screamo hopefully but not guaranteed the screamo part

bornwithhorns 2 months

whatsup my names wesley i live in oklahoma city atm and i am a signer not a good lol but i sure as hell try im looking for people to start up something special i wanna find people to jam with and play

Ash3 2 months

My name is Ashe I recently turned 19 and if anyone lives in Lincoln, Nebraska message me on snap for a possible vocalist for your Alternative Metal/Rock band.

hannah1111 2 months

hey everyone, my name is hannah!! i’m an 18 y/o singer/songwriter looking for musicians in LA to jam with and maybe start a band :) also if you’re like 35 pls stay away.. this post isn’t for u

Celina Rosa
Celina Rosa 2 months

My name is Celina, and I am 21 year old (Female) singer-songwriter looking to start my own rock/alternative band in the New York area. Currently looking for 2 guitarists, a bassist, & a drummer.

Yogoman 2 months

Looking for a Bassist with great command of rhythm/instrument and willing to relocate to the Bellingham, WA area (1.5hrs North of Seattle) during the summer June - Sept. to join my dance band. Pays.

jpet 2 months

16M metal guitarist looking for other musicians to collab with (prog/tech-death/core)

Bands: Anomalous, BTBAM, Journal, White Arms of Athena, The Contortionist (early), Substructure, Ion Dissonance

darrincam770 2 months


I have an opportunity for you to fund your music or film project. Let us discuss this. Please contact ( for further details if interested.

Brami 2 months

Looking for or to form an original rock band with few covers.

Justdrumin2 2 months


My name is Justin Day.

I am an experienced drummer in my 30s and have played in several bands in the Los Angeles area.

Looking to form or join a rock/metal/progressive project.

Izzy Lara
Izzy Lara 2 months

Yo I'm a 16 year old bass player looking to start a band. I live in Socal, however if u live faraway I'm down to make an online band. Message me for the details :)

The Ace of Bass
The Ace of Bass 2 months

Hi I'm Rob and I play 6 string bass in Martinsburg WV. Looking for people to jam with. Write originals, establish a new band, use social media to promote ect.

Imad koyo
Imad koyo 2 months

Hi im 20 yeats old living in morocco , i play guembri it's a bas instrument whit 3 cords it have vary special sound , i loole for a band to joing

Charlie Trussell
Charlie Trussell 3 months

I’m 16 years old, mainly a rock vocalist and I have been dabbling in guitar recently. I’m willing to do anything long-distance related if I can’t find any bandmates nearby!

Ren 3 months

I’m 14 years old, I play guitar and I can’t sing but I do anyways. I love writing music and I want to have fun playing. Hmu if ur interested 🤞

FeArDaNa 3 months

Seeking a female vocalist for an alt band

Diego Rico
Diego Rico 3 months

Diego Rico here I play guitar and sing, musician, songwriter/composer looking for people to make a band or join in one, check out my profile so you can know what genre is my music. SanDiego, CA

Cullen Berte
Cullen Berte 3 months

Drummer in waukesha Wisconsin looking for a band to play music like zeppelin, doesn’t need to be real songs but I wanna groove

Cianna 3 months

I´m Cienna a 16 year old Bassist girl withdesire to play rock/punk/metal and looking to join or create a band, i live in RPV Los Angeles California but i can go to central LA.

Cynthia Garris Ministries

Christian worship team needs backup singers, keyboardist, drummers, and lead guitar. We're in the Capital Region of NYS. Our first service is coming up in May.

dopezzera 4 months

I am looking for locals in the Colorado Springs/Denver area to get together to form a band. Need a guitarist, bassist, and singer. ig @dopeZera

Emma Renee
Emma Renee 4 months

Looking for teens in the high school range to jam within the Chattanooga, Tennessee range. IG @emma_renee2007 and @emmarenee_music

skuzzy 4 months

Metal guitarist looking to join a band. I am located in Santa Barbara, and frequently come to LA and San Diego. I have no music ATM, however I can showcase my skills as necessary. IG @(skylerniefert)

Terry Worth
Terry Worth 4 months

Northeastern Wisconsin Musician looking for a fellow singer-instrumentalist to perform soft rock music with me at restaurants, nightclubs, and wineries.

Terry Worth
Terry Worth 4 months

Check out my new cover All Along The WatchTower