Rhythm Guitarist and Lead Vocalist Available

Posted by Shawn2012
11 months ago

Hello. Here's a demo - h t t p s://anonfiles.com/3113hfu1zd/Demo_Shit_zip First off, thanks for listening. I'm a musician in the Council Bluffs/Omaha area. I'm looking either to start or join a band. All I've got at the moment is an Fender Classic Vibe 70s Strat, a Mustang to lug around, and a Korean made acoustic guitar. I don't have a car at the moment and am in between jobs. I've never been in a studio or played in a band, but I feel I'm ready to grow into it. For all you guys (or gals) living in Council Bluffs, I'm the guy playing acoustic guitar on 100 Block (Downtown, by the vacuum repair shop) every so often. I'm 22 years old and while I wouldn't mind playing with older folks, I feel I should look for people my age (and most posts I see online seem the same. Joining a band wise, I do vocals and play sorta half rhythm, half lead. Wouldn't mind doing one or the other though for a group. Band starting wise, I'm up for anything, you play horns, piano, cello? Good, I'd like you in my band. It seems around here drummers are also in short supply (as are bassists), so everybody is always looking for them. I'd prefer no drug use (I don't do it). On the starting a band thing, I don't have a practice space, which sucks. I would like to play shows and record someday. This is where you can stop reading and skip to the bottom, cause all I'm going to do now is go over favorite artists, influences, gear, etc. I a big Nirvana fan & a big Beatles fan. I'm heavily into Frank Zappa, David Bowie & The Kinks. I really enjoy Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, AC/DC Megadeth, Metallica, Meat Puppets, Slayer & The Clash. I'd that vocal wise I really like John Lennon's vocals (Beatles and Solo), and Kurt Cobain (I do like his earlier vocals, ever hear the Fecal Matter demo, Punk Rocker's my favorite). Melody wise I really enjoy Frank Zappa's guitar work, along with John Lennon's rhythm playing. I really dig Nirvana's Very melodic riffs, and Ritchie Blackmore and Jon Lord's work in Deep Purple are some favorites (not to forget Tommy Bolin) To pivot back to vocals I love the vocals on the Meat Puppets albums, and Dave Davies vocals (and Ray's) are just stellar. Gear wise, I'm a Fender guy, looking to get an american made Strat someday soon, amps though, I can mix it up with those. I recorded all this in my room on my phone, I use to have a relatively terrible karaoke mic that broke (yes the American Idol one, long story don't ask). I have three pedals ATM (Behringers) I working on learning music theory, I'm just about there Sheet wise. No overdubs, just me and my guitar. I guess I just really want to get out there, doing stuff. It's pretty lame to be all shut in playing by myself forever. Style wise, I'm for just about anything (maybe not like, extreme metal or R&B) Anyways if you like the sound of anything and want to work with me, Shawn - 712-326-5250


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