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  • over 2 years ago

I am a guitar player and vocalist.
I write and play my music and covers as well.
I’m 63 but not old.
My musical interests are wildly varied, Jimi is my inspiration. I’ll consider playing anything if I’m able and can make it my own.
I would like to find some other musicians that are as committed as myself for the same reasons.
I have to play or something is missing in my world.
Be willing to collaborate and come along, bring what you have.
Bass, keys, vocals (alto?). or another guitarist
I would love to play out and I have some experience but far from a pro.
I have some connections at some smaller venues when it comes to that.
I will have a practice space once things open up again.
I have a practice PA setup with mixer and some mic’s.
As far as guitar equipment I have too much .
Take care

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