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  • 2 months ago

I am starting a band from scratch. If you're looking for a walk in, instant money situation this is not it.

With a little luck and the right people on board I think I can get us there.

The aim is to get out there and do this full time, not a two gigs per month hobby thing.

If any of the following info is something you are interested in: Be ready /inclined to be a full time pro if good things happen.

I do not want to deal with people flaking out when they need to be stepping up.

I would like to hear from Bass, Drums, Vocals, Keyboards in NYC.

Me: guitarist, strong writer, percussive riffs, tasteful, groovy comping.

This will likely be a rock flavored project, more or less, as a starting platform.

Zeppelinesque meets melodic noise rock with smarts and good taste and some goofy or crazy stuff here and there. Chiming, pretty, open position chords all over the neck, too. I am well beyond barre chords and cowboy chords.

Rock, Rock n Roll, Blues Psychedelia, Classic Rock, Pop Rock, Folk/Acoustic, Rock Ballad, Power Pop, Swamp Rock, New Wave Pop Rock, is more to the actual point--as a starting point. Then we'll see what else occurs musically down the road when chemistry develops.

I am not a fan of 3 minute songs that showcase a 5 minute guitar solo sandwiched into the middle of it; I think it's gotten boring; 3 minute songs should be 3 minutes long.

I would rather get through a tight, well written, coherent song and then onto the next one.

Looking for serious and committed folks who know the development process from idea to finished product.

That's the world we'll be working in a lot of the time--in the tough spot, grinding it out, but not taking forever to get it finished--and onto the next one.

No arguing about A&R type stuff, if a song is working, fine, if not it goes on the shelf.

The upshot--have good ears for developing parts that work and be comfortable working stuff out.

Good isn't good enough. I want things to sound great, fresh, new, appealing, accessible, not sloppy/indie/amateur, overly derivative.

Play out later when we're confident about doing a 60 minute set with no weak points.

I am looking to achieve a solid, ***PROFESSIONALl*** yet ***NON CORPORATE***sound, that is *NOT INDIE HIPSTER BACKWASH CRAP* and *NOT AMATEUR* flavored.

No drugs or heavy drinkers, please.

Sorry, but not sorry if some or all of the preceding sounds mean or dictatorial; it does need to be said and should be said more often by people who are serious and don't want other folks wasting their time.

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