Guilty Ghosts

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  • 8 months ago

I'm a former drummer, now ambient guitarist and looking to connect with compatible players and future friends.

I love delay, effects and finding balance between noise and minimalism and if you're into this type of stuff, let's play some music.

I grew up in the 90's, loving all kinds of music: from classic rock to grunge to hip hop to post-hardcore to electronic music. Eventually that love of music evolved as I got older. Really kicking off from an obsession with shoegaze after the first time I heard Loveless. Other styles I like to draw from are instrumental post-rock like Godspeed You! Black Emperor, downtempo/trip hop like Massive Attack to ambient music from Eno to noise and drone like Swans and Grouper to more obscure sounds from the early days of 4AD and Factory... I could go on but those are some personal favorites!

I'd love to work on music with intermediate players who have a similar appreciation for these types of sounds (needless to say I'm not a shredder by any stretch).

Here's my professional bio from Spotify below:

Guilty Ghosts is the music of Tristan O’Donnell. Layers of delayed guitar loops, float over minimal breakbeats and found sounds in his unique style of reflective, ambient guitar music. Recommended for listeners of downtempo, drone, ambient, ethereal and instrumental focus music. He has self-released several titles (“Guilty Ghosts”, “Trespasser” and “The Witness”) and two limited edition cassettes through WORDS+DREAMS (“Enigma Variations” and “Veils”). The songs of Guilty Ghosts are the kind fit for rainy days, everlasting evenings, and melancholy moments in solitude.

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