Dreaming Up Life

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If you are a Light Worker, a Seeker of Truth, a Dreamer or simply someone who thinks it would be nice if we lived in a World That Works For Everyone, we respectfully offer our songs and music as a soundtrack and backdrop for your sacred work toward creating that world.
This music, like most truly original things is difficult to categorize or pigeonhole in any traditional genre. It incorporates elements of Classical, Jazz, Rock, Funk, New Age, Spiritual, World, Dreampop, and Pop, without really getting stuck in any of those boxes. We suggest you listen with all three ears, and decide for yourself!
Dreaming Up Life is a quartet. We utilize Piano/Keyboards, Saxophones and Wind Synthesizer, and all three of our human members sing, (though Mr. Sattvah chimes in occasionally.) The musical core is the songwriting team of Joah Greengus and Patrick Dieter. The lines have long since blurred as to which one of us wrote which part, but in general, Patrick usually provides the lyrics and Joah the chords. The melodies apparently write themselves, as near as we can tell. Rounding out the human trio is Carol McCullough-Dieter who provides vocals as well as being the art director, designer, web designer and creative muse. The last member is sometimes listed as “mascot.” His full name is Mr. Buddy Sattvah, but his friends call him “Buddy.” Buddy provides us a direct connection with all that is Divine, purely good and comprised of Unconditional Love. He is our Guardian Angel in every real sense of the word.
This last piece is really what Dreaming Up Life is all about. Though we have all led rich and varied lives, and Joah and Patrick have been playing music for many decades, this is the first time we are playing ONLY the music we love, for YOU, the listeners we love. We play this music with the clear intention that these cherished sound waves will somehow awaken, inspire, touch or move you to a higher place – a place more perfect for the most perfect part of you. Everyone in this band has found a level of personal enlightenment. We have all been through our Hero’s Journey, slain a few dragons along the way, and lived to tell the tale. That doesn’t mean we’ve stopped growing, learning, or transforming of course. It just means we have a story or two to tell.

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