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  • 4 years ago

EMIRICUS (born Emir Brown-Murillo) is a Honduran-American artist.

They are currently an undergraduate student studying Creative Writing at Emory University, where they co-founded Free Thought as a Freshman in the fall of 2015

As a producer, EMIRICUS goes by chicorubio. They have no definitive genre and enjoys experimenting with all kinds of sounds and samples. For them, music is a primary source of fun, rather than strenuous work. They began making music in May of 2017 and are constantly looking for other musicians to collaborate with.

As a rapper, EMIRICUS released their first album - FRAUDULENT THIRD PARTY - as a joke towards Emory University. It was really cool.

Awards & Honors
2017 – Artistine Mann Award for Poetry – “Sonnet 12: Etiket”

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  • Alternative
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  • Experimental
  • Hip Hop
  • Jazz
  • Punk
  • R & B


  • Vocals