Musician Wanted

Want to Make Punk Anti-Establishment Again?


Harriman, TN


20 days ago

Are you a drummer, bassist or lead guiarist? AMERICAN THOUGHT CRIMINAL is looking to link up with collaborators to help mock and rock the New World Order with a brand of punk that The Powers That Be might actually take offense to.

Think the Clash's eclectic protest music without the socialism, Dead Kennedys' sarcastic surf punk without the San Francisco politics, Bad Religion's bite without a pretentious Ivy League thesaurus and a dash of Leftover Crack's crackrocksteady ska without the... well, you know, crack.

Since getting started last year, ATC has...

* Released a 17-track album on CD & digital (listen at
* Slipped a music video past YouTube's algorithm and gone semi-viral (
* Been played on Punk Rock Demonstration radio (
* Gotten a shout out on the Alex Jones Show

Next up - let's jam and play some shows!