Musician Wanted

singer songwriter / guitar/ panio/keyboard player here


Kendallville, IN


4 months ago

if you what join me just hit me up if you got a car to get your ownself down here to met me up text me i not afraid to text back i been trying my hold life find someone to be with or be a band with and get million million dollar with a met other singer too i stuck in this place where i live pass my hold life suck i am getting upset where no one text me talk to me tell me they need songwriter singer or guitar/electronic guitar player or a keyboard/panio player i been trying this to long hit me up text me i need hlep i got news song i making right now but can't not post it after my family took my phone away from me they are mean to me plus my friend and grandparent too they don't sport me in this career at all like i already said before ok TEXT ME DON'T BE SHY Don't BE AFRAID OF ME OK