Musician Wanted

Post Hardcore band looking for 2nd guitar player


Washington, DC


3 months ago

We currently have a band together with vocals, guitar, bass, and a drummer. We recently had to part ways with our rhythm guitarist, and are searching for a new member to fill out the group, preferably with back up vocal abilities. We have a set list of 20 songs and plan to add enough to fill out 2 sets worth of material.

We are a group of friendly (and vaccinated) individuals in our mid 20's to mid 30's who enjoy playing together and grabbing drinks. We all have 15+ years of real experience playing music and performing in bands. We have played a few open mic nights and are now highly motivated to start playing shows by summer. We currently practice once a week at a practice space.

Below is a list of current artists we are performing.
Taking Back Sunday
Coheed and Cambria
My Chemical Romance
At the Drive-In
Say Anything

If you are interested, please reach out with some information about yourself and some samples.

Thanks for reading!
-Taking Back Thursday