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Looking for Drummer - Indie/Synth Pop Band


Houston, TX


1 year ago

Hello, and thanks for checking out the post.

Our band is currently searching for a reliable drummer to help bring some dynamic and groove to our songs. We consist of five members (Vocalist, Bassist, Keys, and two guitarists), in our 20's and 30's. We are relatively new to working with each other, however, we all have the experience/songwriting/gear/transportation. We actively rehearse once a week, have a very organized communication and file sharing setup and have plenty of material to work with. Influences fall in the genres of jangle-pop, psychedelic-pop, glam-rock, lofi-pop, garage-rock, and some 80's pop/rock.

All members are very open to suggestions, criticism and the introduction of new song ideas. We are taking our rehearsal and songwriting very seriously and expect the same out of a drummer. We expect the drummer to practice on their own time and have most of the songs worked out beforehand.

Below is a link to a fresh SoundCloud page made just for this post, giving anyone interested a rough sample of some of our material, in-the-works. We record and produce ourselves. We are hoping to have enough material, refined, by this summer to start playing shows.

If you're interested, please reach out. We'll arrange a time to meet up and see if we fit. Thanks!