Musician Wanted

Keyboardist, Bassist for a Queen-Influenced Mostly Female Band


Burbank, CA


1 month ago


My name’s Cristian Vega (23) and I reside in Burbank, Los Angeles County, CA, USA!

My lead singer, Caroline Hatake (voice’s operatic like Freddie Mercury/Ronnie James Dio, but also very flexible), and myself are nearly finished forming our rock band! We have a Lead Guitarist, Rhythm Guitarist, Lead Singer (Caroline), and Drummer (me! I'm the only guy!)!

Covers are where we will start and then we can go into writing and recording our own stuff, if all works out! Touring is a definite goal! I’d love for us to be like a family, too!

Queen’s my favorite rock band, so a loud, hard rock/guitar heavy, catchy-as-hell/can’t-stop-listening melodies sound is what I am generally looking for! But, we must make it our own! Lyrically, Taylor Swift is our biggest influence with the raw, detailed, personal, and relatable lyrics! Something fans should see themselves in. We want to be the soundtrack of people's lives like she is!

Female Bassist and Keyboardist needed (ages 21 - 30) only! If you can sing/harmonize, that's a plus!

Feel free to message me at, if interested!


Cristian Vega