Musician Wanted

Keyboard Player Wanted--New York City


New York City, NY


3 months ago

Bass, Vox, Guitar and Drums are getting ready to start working out songs in mid May.

Good stuff in the works. Rock, generally speaking but with a classic rock familiarity, more streamlined and at times catchy/boppin/poppin and other times noisy/edgy/bluesy/punky.

Be reliable, no substance abuse or flake out/motivation problems, no spouse or job problems when it comes time to tour.

Serious and committed players only, no wankers or sloppy indie alternative, boring, slow shoegaze, ambient.

We want to sound great, sell records and make a living, not put people to sleep or blend into a lifeless stream of background music.

If you're writing songs and want to bring them in be aware I am not interested in indie amateur alternative crap that's sitting on the web collecting three listens a month. If the record companies and general public don't want your original music I don't want it either.