Musician Wanted

Guitat and Keyboards Looking


Lake Worth, FL


28 days ago

Guitarist and Keyboardist looking to form a band. Both in our mid 30s and have been playing our instruments for 20 years. Guitar player is principle songwriter and about to drop an album. We have rough recordings with other folks of several of the original tunes we would like to play. We also bank on covering some songs as well. We have both played in a multitude of different bands in different styles of music. We enjoy indie rock, folk, soul, jamband, classic rock, and blues. We both live in spaces that don't let us jam so we would have to find a space to play. We would like to connect with people that can really play their instruments, can sing harmony, and who can leave their ego at the door.

Please provide a sample of your playing whatever is that you play. We are open a multitude of instruments. Drums? Percussion? More keyboards? Guitar? Bass?