Musician Available

Guitarist/Writer Forming Originals Band


New York City, NY


15 days ago

All flavors of rock music. Versatility, creativity, imagination and chops required.

Seeking Bass, Drums and Singer who are itching to be full-on, full time working in the business.

Pro level only, please. No wankers. And you eat, breathe and live for creating great music.

Good stuff in the works; I'm writing short form straight to the point rock, other rock, bluesy psychedelia inspired noisy prog rock, pop rock, rocky rock, edgy dissonant off the wall rock, psychedelic bluesy groovy stoner pop, country and western swing/rockabilly, electric hill country blues, acoustic/electric folk rock, etc.

I am generally beyond my influences at some points in writing. Other times not. I try to get outside the box, or if I'm hopelessly stuck in the genre box I try to drag the box to a fresh direction.

If you want elaboration on influences, here you go:

CCR, Zeppelin, Nirvana, Dirty Rotten Imbeciles, Blackfoot, Janis Joplin, Milk (Power Trio from UK 90's), Beatles, Brainiac, Black Sabbath, Millie Small, John Lee Hooker, Clockhammer, Robert Fripp, Deep Purple, Glenn Miller, Slim Harpo, Link Wray, Bob Wills and The Texas Playboys, The Mills Brothers, Les Paul, The Good Rats, Mose Allison, RL Burnside, Dixie Dregs, Slade, The Beach Boys, Brainiac, The Replacements, Simon and Garfunkel, The Temptations, Ten Years After, 60s Bubblegum Pop/Buddha Records, 50’s New Orleans R&B, Looney Tunes, punk, new wave, some folk, finger style hill country blues, classical as well. Basically, tons of stuff.

So given all that and more, regarding influences, if you’re looking for a band that’s making music that sounds similar to your favorite bands I can assure you this is not it. In a lot of instances the music won't sound like my favorites either. I can’t please everybody's tastes and that includes my tastes as well.

I’m writing to write good stuff that can sell. Not amateur indie wanker alternative derivative garbage.

I can’t predict whats popping out of me tomorrow or next year.

So if you’re the type that quits a band over one song this is not your scene.

Originals means new stuff, not six packs and 420 and jamming to our favorite songs.

Start up for real in 2021 when there's a vaccine available.