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Guitarist Needed - LA Area


Rancho Cucamonga, CA


over 1 year ago

Hi All-

I'm seeking a creative guitar player to join a high energy rock band, and play out songs from a soon-to-be-released 2nd album titled "Twenty-One Days". We have a drummer and bass player, and now looking for lead/rhythm guitar (and possibly keys). We're looking to play showcases, festivals, and open for other artists in LA, Orange County, and San Bernardino/Riverside Counties. There is an opportunity to appear on a PBS music television show in early 2019. I also expect to add some covers that are complimentary to the music.

We are creative and skilled players that like to have fun, and are easy-going. Ideally you should be open to have fun with the songs and make them your own- We believe you must have the creative input and freedom to add to the arrangements.


The music is influenced by modern classic rock; band such as Tom Petty, Journey, and artists such as Chris Isaak, and many others. The songwriting has been incredibly well received, and is filled with a lot of memorable hooks and melodies. Links to some of the new music is below...


I'm a classically trained vocalist, currently performing as lead rock singer. My first album came out in 2015, with 4 of the songs now under contract with a publisher for sync placement. It is still selling well on iTunes and Amazon, and streamed daily on Spotify. The new album is in process, with CD replication and distribution in progress with a release date by the end of the year.


Project information, and songs from the album:


Please contact me if you would like to get together and jam a bit. I have a rehearsal space (500 sq ft warehouse music area), or a mutual meeting place can be arranged. Thanks for reading, and hope to talk to you soon!