Musician Wanted

Forming a band in new york city, 5 members in total


New York City, NY


1 month ago

Same as my profile.. im from hellz kitchen ny looking for drummer, guitarist, pianist, and maybe a bassist.
The pictures i posted are 16 songs that some are more finished than others etc.
You dont have to be a god on the instruments or etc just have to know how to play anything i ask, you can play it without a struggle.

My name is Anthony and ive been making music for 4 years originally wanted to be a dj and a edm producer but most of the songs i made are something that would require real instruments, vocals etc etc. Never released any of it because just didn't know how i would do it? from playing the drums to piano, guitar.. the instruments are in the software i put notes in boom got a song but actually playing it and recording it no im not that talented and if i had to play it live? well i want to also get it to being realistic as possible which im not capable of, so they've just been laying low and ive been enjoying them on my own.

ive produced it, written vocals to different songs with no music to it yet and i could kind of sing but of course would like to take classes to better.

the music.. well if i had to name influences to the songs i made, the two main ones that pop up easily are coldplay 21 pilots and a little bit of red hot chili peepers oh and mgmt (because two of the songs are synth based.

Looking for a pianist, drummer, guitarist and probably a bassist.

probably bassist because some are piano, drum, guitar and vocals based, some are both bass and piano and some with out piano at all. so 5 members me included =)

Sending videos or audio clips of your talents would be great too and we can meet up for coffee or go to a bar or whatever is best.

Within that time too ive always thought of a band name, if it would happen and i have one and its pretty simple and cool.

also if anyone know how else to find any talented musicians out there please tell me.