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Female Vocalist wanted - Heartstring Stereo


Marysville, OH


10 days ago

Heartstring Stereo, an independent alternative rock band based out of Marysville, Ohio, is seeking a new vocalist!

Our female vocalist is moving out of Ohio in the coming months... While we love her and will miss her much, we're now seeking a replacement member to keep the dual-lead vocal dynamic going in our band.

If you're looking for a band project, and would be interested in singing with us, we'd love to hear from you!!! We could probably have an exploratory phone call first, then move to an audition if things are sounding promising.

We're committed, respectful, fun-loving, and pretty hassle-free. It's a really solid group of talented people and a lot of fun!

You can find us on Facebook, Spotify, YouTube, or

Hope to hear from you soon!