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Drummer Availeble (remote work, consulting, recording studio)




New York City, NY


29 days ago

Hello! Thank you for reading my post, I appreciate your time. How are you holding up? it's tough time for us big time. I’m currently doing remote recordings, selling my drum samples, gigs are slowly coming back for me, I'm booked for Midwest Tour in August if things go well. But they are still only little amount of work.

I'm looking for more opportunities to work with other musicians, gigs, remote recordings, consulting, teaching lessons, etc.

If you're in NYC, I have my own small studio space available in East Village. If you need space to brainstorm and work, record some stuff, I'm here and also if need musicians I got my own team.

While I'm looking for work, I'm open to discuss ideas with you! I have 20 years of experience as a drummer and 5 years of experience as working musician in NYC.
Things are tough but at least we got time now, let's do it!! Remote project is available too!! Please contact me if you’re interested, thank you very much for your time.


Mikiya Ito is New York City-based drummer. Born and raised in Japan. When he was at the age of seventh began playing the drums. When he entered his teen, his musical interests expand to funk, soul, hip hop and jazz. He moved to New York City in January 2016 to pursue his music career as a professional drummer. Since he moved to New York City he had performed at NYFW, The Cornelia Street Cafe, The Public Theater, W Hotel in Times Square, etc.

(If you need immediate response, I'm active here.)