Musician Wanted

Collaborator or Band Situation Wanted


Brooklyn, NY


over 1 year ago

Looking for a collaborator (multi-instrumentalist and singer?)
or band that I could gel with. I've got varied musical interests so I'm more concerned with working with someone good as opposed to a narrow musical style.

What I'm hoping you'll bring to the table:

You want to create something new and exciting that's undeniably great.
If a solo artist - You can either harmonize or at least not be thrown off when someone harmonizes with you.
You've got some songwriting experience.
You're mostly fearless and iconoclastic.
You've got good ideas and you're open to collaboration.
You're expressive with a genuine love for words, poetry and literature.
You're compelled to create - it's more about the work itself and less about chasing fame or money.
Playing an instrument is a plus. Playing keys - huge plus.

What I'm bringing to the table:

As a guitarist -
Great songwriting and arranging chops.
Acoustic and Electric - lately I've been playing resonator guitars in altered tunings.
Bluesy leaning mixed with Rock / Pop style but not hackneyed cliche blues.
I'm great with getting moody and beautiful textures and innovative sounds.

As a singer -
Huge soulful voice - can sing harmonies to ANYTHING.
(think an R&B-ish Chris Cornell - Soundgarden / Audioslave meets Robin Zander - Cheap Trick.)
For the last ten years I've been a lead singer / solo player but now I want to harmonize more and expand on my songwriting - guitar playing and work with other talented musician(s)

As a producer / songwriter -
I'm a multi-instrumentalist.
I'm good at programming beats and creating interesting drum loops by
going out into the 'hood, banging on stuff and sampling that. I'm drawn to creating new sounds as opposed to mimicking pre-existing artists.

I've got lots of existing material which may be cannibalized for this project but I'd rather collaborate on something new.

I've got my own small project studio where we can record - no need to beg on Kickstarter to get an album recorded.
(We'll reserve the begging for when we want to make physical CD's or more ambitious projects)

For years I've been recording music where I play every instrument.
The last project I did was Vagabondage a hyper driven Americana album you can listen to here:
This CD was more country / blues based than what I'd like to do now but you'll see what I'm capable of as a producer.

I’ve got some recent work in progress here:

As a performer-
Lots of energy, experience, presence and guts.

Here's a list of some of artists who inspire me:
Tom Waits, Amon Tobin, St Vincent, David Bowie, Prince, Hip Hop, 70's funk, Miles, Mingus, Elbow, Chris Whitely, Radiohead, 40's jazz torch songs, Beat poets, Delta Blues, Ani DiFranco, Bjork, Jimmy Page (Zep) Johnny Marr (guitarist with the Smiths)