Musician Wanted

Blues Guitarists for Salon/Workshop


New York City, NY


8 months ago

I'm aiming to launch a monthly blues salon/ jam session where established & pro-level guitarists can interact with young pups like myself who are just starting out and could really use the tutelage. The idea is to create a comfortable atmosphere where the masters can bestow their knowledge to the rookies but can also swap war stories & maybe learn some new skills from their fellow experienced brethren. Maybe we focus on particular style one session or a particular musician during another---I'm open to suggestions. The whole point is to foster a community of blues lovers who want to better their craft--and who knows maybe gain a mentor or apprentice in the process.

The sessions would take place at Rivington Music Rehearsal Studio in the Lower East Side, I'd take care of the costs for the space rental (though if you'd like to chip in you're more than welcome to) and each session would run around 2 hours.

Looking forward to hearing from my fellow pluckers out there!