Musician Wanted

Bassist, Guitarist, and Keyboardist Wanted for Emo-Rock Band


New Bedford, MA


1 month ago


My cousin and I started a band with a unknown name at the moment. I came up with a Nickname for my persona called: Colleen (based on Colleen Moore, A Well known actress from the 1920s) and Dahmer (Based on notorious Cannibal and serial killer, Jeffery Dahmer) Known as Colleen Dahmer.

I am a Vocalist while my cousin CJ (Flame) is a Drummer. We are looking for a Bassist, a Guitarist, and Keyboardist from the ages of 18 years old to 20 years old and from Bristol and Plymouth Counties, Massachusetts

I am deciding to hold Auditions for all 3 on Instagram LIVE On a day that works best for you. We are a Emo-Rock/Pop band and we will dress like Gothic Emos and We'll perform Songs about various things. If interested in the band. Introduce yourself to me via Instagram (@fullblownemohead)by Telling me Your name, your preferred nickname, Age, Hometown, instrument you play, your Facebook and phone number to contact you so we can discuss auditions. Must reply before the end of this ad!

Thank you