Musician Wanted

Keyboard Player Wanted / NYC Post Covid Start Up


New York City, NY


2 months ago

Female Singer, Male Bass Player, Male Drummer, and myself on guitar are on board with this, tentatively, of course, things could change but it's looking like all systems are 'go' for launch; we're all on the same page.

Pro level only, please.

No intermediate or beginners. This is not Indie where performance quality is negligible and everyone gets five stars for breathing.

Phrasing, voicing and timing matter and the ability to work out your parts that work with the ensemble as a whole are of supreme importance. Shabby, wanker, indie is not going to work out here. Versatility, creativity, imagination and chops required.

All flavors of rock music and more.

Good stuff in the works; I play guitar and I'm writing short form straight to the point rock, other rock, bluesy psychedelia inspired noisy prog rock, pop rock, rocky rock, edgy dissonant off the wall rock, psychedelic bluesy groovy stoner pop, country and western swing/rockabilly, electric hill country blues, acoustic/electric folk rock, etc.

I'm shooting for catchy, cool, direct, not dated, not corporate or generic/predictable. In writing,

if I'm stuck in the box I try to expand the box and/or rip apart conventional cliches. I'm not reinventing the wheel, it's just interpolation of whatever is inside or music that has influenced my development.

If you want elaboration on influences, here you go:

CCR, Zeppelin, Nirvana, Dirty Rotten Imbeciles, Blackfoot, Milk (Power Trio from UK 90's), Beatles, Black Sabbath, Hal Blaine, Millie Small, John Lee Hooker, Clockhammer, Robert Fripp, Sister Rosetta Tharpe, Deep Purple, Lindsey Buckinham, Brainiac, Glenn Miller, Janis Joplin, Slim Harpo, Link Wray, Bob Wills and The Texas Playboys, Les Dudek, The Mills Brothers, Three Dog Night, The Sonics, Buzzcocks, Big Black, Les Paul, 50s and 60s Urban Gospel, The Good Rats, The League of Gentlemen, Mose Allison, RL Burnside, Dixie Dregs, Slade, The Beach Boys, The Replacements, Simon and Garfunkel, Ten Years After, 60s Bubblegum Pop/Buddha Records, 50’s New Orleans R&B, Loony Tunes, punk, new wave, some folk, finger style hill country blues, classical as well, tons of stuff.

So given all that and more, regarding influences, if you’re looking for a band that’s making music that sounds similar to your favorite bands I can assure you this is not it. In a lot of instances the music won't sound like my favorites either. I can’t please everybody's tastes and that includes my tastes as well.

Fanboy types exit now we're not doing covers of your favorite songs or mine either. We won't be doing twenty minute jams of "Hey Joe."

I can’t predict whats popping out of me tomorrow, next week, or next year. I do have criteria for figuring out what ideas are workable and worth the time in developing and arranging. You wont get strangled by whimsy here. And I know when a work in progress needs to go on the shelf and ferment for a while.

So if you’re the type that quits a band over one song or idea this is not your scene.

Sorry if this sounds mean or too direct; I'm actually really nice. But I know what I'm looking for as well as what I'm not looking for.

Drug and drama free? Get back to me and we'll chat on the phone and see if we're on the same page.