Musician Wanted

Band members x rock band.




New York City, NY


5 months ago

Hi Everybody!
I'm looking for musicians to work with, or a whole band.
I have material to work on together.
In case you are not a whole band, it doesn't really matter which instrument you play, if you are addicted to Battery-Acid or the only thing that turns you on is having sex with your pet, with crocodiles or with rotten pumpkins.
But it is VERY important:
1- You have groove and you know bands such as Snake Finger,The Meters,ESG,Pharoah Sanders,Henry Rollins for instance. You must like them too, obviously.
2 - You have good taste.
3 - You do not need to rehearse endlessly to end up doing nothing.
4 - Your flashy antennas are receptive when your there. No matter if sometimes you're in late.
5 - You are not afraid to talk.
6 - You are grown and self confident enough to don't create such kind of Ego-competition-Tripping-loops.
7 - You are focused on yourself, you mind your own business and do not watch others as a spy who has to find out what exactly is going on in AREA 51 or if aliens live underneath the South Pole surface.
8 - When you say it then you do it, you finish it and believe in it.
9 - You believe in working as a team.
10 - You avoid fuck ups.