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Band Forming --NYC--Rock--Launch In 2021


New York City, NY


1 year ago

As far as the virus situation stands now, and it's relationship to the music industry and it's future is concerned: Nothing will be normal until there's a vaccine available. The phases on the horizon are not a 'new normal' it's just prolonged mitigation. Thus, I'm networking for future members, here on GoHendrix and other places while writing and arranging at home. Good stuff in the works; short form straight to the point rock, other rock, bluesy psychedelia inspired prog rock, pop rock, etc. I'd like to hear from Vocals, Drums, Bass. Launch for real when the vaccine arrives, at which time I'll have 2+ albums worth of material worked out and ready to shape up in rehearsals. Be ready to make the switch to full time pro and leave the day job behind. If you're tied down and can't, sorry, I'm not looking for you, or placeholder types that need to be replaced, usually because they are not great players. That said, no wankers on board; I don't think it's fair to get somebody in a slot just so somebody is in the slot until somebody better comes along. I want to get this right the first time. Be professional, reliable and not the chronically flaky or argumentative type that kills bands.